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Black Glass Crystal Ball - The Fortune Teller

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Black Glass Crystal Ball - The Fortune TellerBlack Glass Crystal Ball - The Fortune Teller

H18cm x W9cm x D9cm

Colour: Black

Made of Glass

Comes with a beginners instructions guide. 

If you can relate to any of these statements, crystal balls can benefit you: 

    • You love the feel of smooth stones in your hands

    • You are ready to elevate your meditation to the next level

    • You are seeking a soothing shaped gemstone for massage

    • You need group harmony for shared living and/or work spaces

    • You want to access metaphysical messages through scrying

The crystal ball represents the most perfect shape in the Universe because it is equal on all sides.

  • When using natural stones as crystal balls, the healing energies emit equally throughout the whole sphere. Whereas if you are using a pointed crystal, the healing energy will be concentrated through the tip of the stone.  

Scrying is the act of gazing into a reflective or translucent object to open your intuition. This allows the scryer to gain the information they may not have access to in their conscious mind. 

Scrying can be done with hundreds of reflective surfaces, but the most popular way (perhaps thanks to history), is through crystal balls. 

Of all things, why do fortune-tellers use crystal balls? Crystal balls are used for scrying and gazing because they are uniform all around and form a spherical lens. Because of its shape, any clear ball (such as Quartz crystals or glass) will have a curvature that bends the rays of light to form a focal point. 

Since crystal balls have no edge like traditional lenses do, the focal point is omnidirectional. This makes it ideal for gazing. No matter which way the crystal ball is positioned, it is perfect for the psychic to look deep within.

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Lisa Hassall
Love it

So special and magical. Looks great on my Altar



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