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Dragon Claw Pendant - Opalite

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Dragon Claw Pendant - Opalite
  • A statement piece of jewellery
    • Metal alloys and gemstone 
    • Braided waxcord cord in 60 cm long
  • Opalite (commonly known as Sea Opal) is an iridescent man-made crystal that brings with it empowering energy. Opalite can help empower you in many aspects of your life including in business and communication! This crystal can help balance your energy in order to stabilize your mood, which is important in times of change. Opalite will help give you the strength you need in order to overcome many ailments, both on physical and mental levels.

    Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Opalite: 

    △ Stabilizes Mood

    △ Meditation

    △ Eases Transitions

    △ Overcome Fatigue

    △ Improves Communication

    △ Increased Power



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